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Nothing is more prevalent in the world’s rich history than mankind’s innate desire to celebrate holidays of all variety. Maybe it’s a chance to be with family or friends. Maybe it’s a time to think back and reminisce upon all that we have to be grateful for or perhaps we just need a paid day off. “Give us PTO or give us death,” one of the founding fathers posted on Facebook once.

Fortunately, a major holiday happens to be the 4th of July. Just like IBOs, America celebrates their fight and victory for independence!

July is the hottest month and ushers in more pool dips than any other month. Basting in the sun’s damaging rays, overeating and rejoicing are as American as shoving unexpecting friends into pools with their phones in their pockets. However, these chlorine-rich oasis’, as it were, are as fun as they are phone and hair damaging.

Envai_Shampoo_ConditionerENVAI Hair Shampoo and Conditioning is the hair saving solution for those who have willingly and unwillingly, taken a dip into the pool!

Let ENVAI bring your stale, damaged, sad and disgusting hair to a vibrant, clean, flowing mane that you can be proud of.

Enjoy a wee video.


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Hydrates without weighing hair down

Rehydrates dry hair

Anti-aging natural plant extracts

Plant based color preserving system

Protects against heat, detangles and adds shine

Preserves natural keratin

pH Balancing properties

Moisture Retaining Technology

Free of parabens, dyes, sulfates and propylene glycol

Not tested on animals


Color Care, Color Preservation

Plant based anti-aging ingredients

Cleansing without stripping


Free of parabens, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol

Not tested on animals

Fathers Do More Than Eat Leftovers

Somewhere, there is a man lying on a couch relaxing and thereby, igniting the ire of his wife. There is something about a man relaxing that drives women bananas. For this purpose, a man, high up the ladder in Washington, created “Father’s Day.”

One time a year, no more, no less, Fathers are entitled to an inexpensive tie, a pair of ill-fitting khakis, a nap and a few extra hugs and kisses.

This year, make Father’s Day a little extra special. Throw some Activate or Torch his way for a little energy. Maybe put some Reduce and Relieve under his pillow because his body is chubby and aches all over for unknown reasons. Perhaps some Balance and some Sustain because you want him to be healthier. Whatever you do don’t forget, because he’s not only a hard- working, loving father, but when it’s not Father’s Day, he’s also a human ATM.

Love em. Hug em.  Give em some OptimALL and they’ll know you really care.


Encyclopedias Aren’t Impressed by Star Dust

According to Pinterest, we are made of stardust. However, I am unsure if this a fact or it’s being passed around as motivational propaganda. My Encyclopedia Britannica from 1994 doesn’t even bother to attempt to make a connection between humans and stardust, so we’ll never know if this is true. But what we do know about dust, is that is doesn’t taste good.

Somewhere in the annals of history, someone said, I’m going to create a dust that tastes good. They straightway went out and created powder. Delicious powders of all variety.

As an ongoing celebration of this fascinating, healthy and rich discovery/invention; we present PEACH MANGO ACTIVATE!


Renew is a Winter Time Face Garage

“Spring showers bring May flowers,” as the old Siberian adage goes. It’s a season of new beginnings, fresh starts, bizarre temperature shifts, renewed life and untimely car washes.

But more important than rain, vegetation and drinking water is the necessity for vibrant, soft, younger looking skin.

Not unlike the end of a long, cold and cruel winter, our skin can become downtrodden, unsightly and depressing. But becoming hideous isn’t a foregone conclusion. The fate of skin depends on how it is treated and nurtured. Not all is lost! Our skin’s plight can’t all be blamed on our parents and our DNA. We can park our cars in the garage, wash them and wax them. Likewise, we can protect our skin with moisturizers, sun block, serums and clean it gently daily. Dehidifying takes time, but you can actually reverse damage that you’ve been doing to your skin for decades. Regular upkeep and tlc can be the difference between becoming a withered old dill weed, or a splendid rose, freshly blooming daily.

Renew is perhaps our most potent ally against aging, reversing damage and protecting us.  The serum has the highest % of Cellvinity and Dermanox and can tout astronomical percentages of wrinkle and line reduction.

If your skin makes you feel old and decrepit, Avisae would encourage you to take 4 minutes and read the two links here that will undoubtedly restore hope in your skin’s future anew:

Renew_NoReflectRenew info for the whole family to enjoy, click here!

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renew Cellular Restoration Serum

renew is a deep penetrating serum that promotes new cell growth as it protects your DNA. Defy aging with this DNA protecting serum.

  • Protects skin from oxidative damage
  • Restores a youthful glow
  • Prolongs cell life span by maintaining telomere length
  • Allows the skin to breathe and self-regulate
  • Smooth out wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Clinically shown to smooth skin and reduce appearance of wrinkles

reflexsyons™ science includes a telomere protection science that helps to slow down the aging process in your skin.

Use after cleanse both morning and night.

Thinking About Skin Care

The great philosopher Rene Descartes wrote “Je pense, donc, je suis.” Or “I think, therefore, I am.”

At first glance it reads like an incomplete sentence that appears to have been fat-fingered while texting a friend and was accidently sent.

But, it isn’t.

It was actually a culmination of years of introspection, study, mediation and deep philosophical logic that lead Rene to this conclusion. Like his progenitors, he sat around and read and thought and wrote about these thoughts and ideas. If Descartes was alive today, he’d have a blog with millions of followers and he’d be rich from all the sponsorship.

We aren’t asking you to quit your jobs and take up full time thinking. Au contraire, we’re asking you to leverage our thinking so that you don’t have to. Rejuvenate Skin Purification Peel! Rejuvenate Bottle

Strong minds of this generation compiled an ingredient deck in REJUVENATE that gave us a facial cleanser that is refreshingly delightful! You literally see layers of old, drab skin sluff off! Kind of gross if you think about it too much, but genius if you really think about it.

Try it every other day for a week and you’ll be astonished at the glow of your countenance!

DIRECTIONS:   Wash your face with Cleanse. Pat dry. Apply a thin, even layer of rejuvenate to forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck individually. Avoid the delicate area around the eyes and direct eye contact.  Let the pink gel settle for one to two minutes. With your finger, gently begin rubbing with small, circular motions. The gel will begin to ball up and peel off.  After you’ve gently rubbed away most all of the gel, rinse away remaining residue with warm water. Use two to three times per week. Use every other month in rotation with regenerate.

Here’s the skinny:

rejuvenate Skin Purification Peel

Within 90 seconds, rejuvenate removes the layers that life puts on. This advanced skin purification peel stimulates the skin’s natural repair and renewal process.

  • Exfoliates and extracts in one easy step
  • Removes stubborn impurities
  • Prolongs cell life span
  • Enables skin to breathe
  • Tightens skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Increases production of collagen and decorin

rejuvenate skin purification peel is a gentle, yet effective exfoliating and peeling treatment for your skin. Exfoliating and peeling are essential to any skin care routine in order to remove pore-clogging residue that can lead to acne, inflammation, and other skin problems.

Use three times a week after using cleanse.

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Succulent Lips and Bouncy Houses

Sometime in the late 80s, there was a huge discovery in the lip care arena of ideas.  I forget what it was. But what I do know is that 30 plus years later, developments in the lip plumping industry have exceeded even the highest hopes of lip connoisseurs around the globe.

Over time, what many consider to be an important feature on the face, lips eventually become sad, limp, wrinkled messes. Fortunately for mankind, Avisae introduced lushLips back in May of 2014. Since then, the world has been a better, plumper, smoother and firmer place.

Imagine, if you will, an inflatable bouncy house for kids/adults. It starts off as a lifeless pile of durable blue plastic. It’s of no real value.  The potential is tremendous however. With a little structural reinforcement, the bouncy house will be crushing your grass flat and your kids will be bonking heads in no time.

A deflated bouncy house  quickly transforms from a worthless blob into an inflated, firm, dangerous contraption that frees up the neighborhood parents for an afternoon; likewise, lushLips can transform your disgusting, wrinkled lips into soft, smooth, plump, full, tempting butterfly-like, expressions of hope.

lushLIPS    Anti-Aging Lip Plumper

Perfect Your Pout

lushLIPS is the freshest, newest and healthiest way to get the dreamiest, most coveted pouty lips possible! lushLIPS contains unique collagen and plant proteins that naturally plump up your lips that provide real, long-term results. lushLIPS holds powerful hyaluronic filling spheres that drench your lips with rich, high-performing serum that will leave them feeling plumper, smoother and deeply moisturized! Best of all, your lips will be full, hydrated and sexy!

  • Exclusive Micro Sphere Technology moisturizes and plumps lips
  • Collagen production restores lips to a fuller, more refined look
  • Wrinkles reduced by 29%
  • Lip volume increased by 40% in just 30 days

Click here for visual wonderment:  lushLips

For way TMI click here: Avisae Page


REDUCE is the Only Certainty in Life

One cool March day when I was in the 4th grade, the intercom came on unexpectedly and after what sounded like a slight altercation, a voice filled our rooms declaring “It’s all lies! You’ll never use math in real life!  Subtract math from your lives!” The intercom then screeched to a cold silence as a classroom of children quietly eyed one another in shock and delight.

Well, we all know how the story ends. The unknown assailant was correct and math probably isn’t even taught anymore.

Whether you know your ABCs or arithmetic or have discarded them as gypsy nonsense, one thing is clear; we all need to lose weight or could use a little firming up.

Stage right enters REDUCE.

reduce_white-bottle_300ppiThough not tested on extra-terrestrials, this stuff is out of this world.

Let the following facts wash over you:

Key Benefits

OptimALL Nutrition MetaBIOlize™

  • Promotes a more efficient metabolism of fats and carbohydrate*

OptimALL Nutrition Thermosaf™

  • An ingredient blend that supports thermogenesis for a more efficient use of calories*
  • Helps appease appetite*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels*

Product Features

  • Features clinically proven, standardized ingredients
  • Uses therapeutic doses supported by science
  • Contains OptimALL Nutrition’s Bio-accelerate™ for improved nutrient absorption
  • Made in the U.S.A. according to rigorous FDA GMP standards
  • Free from preservatives, toxins, pesticides and heavy metals

ENVAI Shampoo and Conditioner

I took a census and found that many people have hair on their heads.

Not surprisingly, this fact and many more facts just like it were backed up by the Bureau of Internet Facts (Google) which was rife with hairy things to know.

Facts include, but are not limited to:

  • The only thing that CAN’T be identified by hair, is gender
  • All of the hair follicles you’ll ever have, were formed when you were a fetus (at 5 months)

Not all hair facts are this insightful and applicable. But now I know why I’m mostly bald. I burned through my follicles in High School. It was the 90’s and there was a lot of coloring and soft perming etc.

Nevertheless, hair has become a staple in most of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Almost incalculable amounts of time, energy and money have gone into the upkeep and protection of these delicate and fussy follicles.  “A good hair day” can determine the inner happiness of a human being for the better part of a day. Imagine that.

Hair plays a role in our lives that can’t be overstated.

It was this line of thinking that compelled our team to fight the good fight for months as we perfected a shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t just good- We wanted, nay, demanded magnificence!

Guess what? We’ve arrived!

Envai_Shampoo_ConditionerTears rolled down our collective cheeks as the final formulation tendered a brilliant product that even the stingiest hairdo, the pickiest salon owner and the most demanding head of hair could experience.

But don’t take my word for it. Well, do. Then try it. Then rejoice as the sweet, sweet Envai Shampoo and Conditioner wash over you like a warm Amazonian waterfall.



• Color Care, Color Preservation

• Plant based anti-aging ingredients

• Cleansing without stripping

• Moisturizing

• Free of parabens, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol

• Not tested on animals or Extra Terrestrials


• Hydrates without weighing hair down

• Rehydrates dry hair

• Anti-aging natural plant extracts

• Plant based color preserving system

• Protects against heat, detangles and adds shine

• Preserves natural keratin

• pH Balancing properties

• Moisture Retaining Technology

• Free of parabens, dyes, sulfates and propylene glycol

• Not tested on animals, crustaceans or sea life at large

Truly a product you can be proud of and use to share and build your business!

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2015 Cruise Promotion!


Recent Blockbuster hits encapsulate the majesty and brilliance of the world’s oceans.

Unbroken, Lost and Castaway display just how mysterious, wondrous and beautiful the open sea can be.

This year, Avisae wanted to recognize those leaders who are building their businesses and seeing the fruits of their labors in terms of both growth and productivity with a luxurious high seas adventure!

Last year, the whole gang went to Cancun where they relaxed on the beach and left their cares 100s of miles away.

Only to be outdone by ourselves, 2015 overachievers will enjoy a Cruise fit for royalty!

For more insight click here.

REGIONALS- Good Things Come in 3s

January 10th 2015 marked the beginning of the Winter Regionals held in Provo, UT.

Many have found that with each new gathering, the production, speakers and presentations have become increasingly wonderful.  The trainings, insight and speakers have taken their ability to motivate and inspire to the next level.

Many considered this Regional their “favorite so far” and anxiously await May’s conference.

Loyal IBOs have again displayed their unwavering commitment to success, displayed by their willingness to travel upwards of 15 hours, many times, at great personal sacrifice.

Yet, there weren’t complaints, but rather an excitement and an energy that is impossible to describe.  Tears, hugs, laughs and huge smiles were at a premium with the main sentiment being that May can’t come soon enough!!

“Bliss and Excitement”

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