ENVAI Shampoo and Conditioner

I took a census and found that many people have hair on their heads.

Not surprisingly, this fact and many more facts just like it were backed up by the Bureau of Internet Facts (Google) which was rife with hairy things to know.

Facts include, but are not limited to:

  • The only thing that CAN’T be identified by hair, is gender
  • All of the hair follicles you’ll ever have, were formed when you were a fetus (at 5 months)

Not all hair facts are this insightful and applicable. But now I know why I’m mostly bald. I burned through my follicles in High School. It was the 90’s and there was a lot of coloring and soft perming etc.

Nevertheless, hair has become a staple in most of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Almost incalculable amounts of time, energy and money have gone into the upkeep and protection of these delicate and fussy follicles.  “A good hair day” can determine the inner happiness of a human being for the better part of a day. Imagine that.

Hair plays a role in our lives that can’t be overstated.

It was this line of thinking that compelled our team to fight the good fight for months as we perfected a shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t just good- We wanted, nay, demanded magnificence!

Guess what? We’ve arrived!

Envai_Shampoo_ConditionerTears rolled down our collective cheeks as the final formulation tendered a brilliant product that even the stingiest hairdo, the pickiest salon owner and the most demanding head of hair could experience.

But don’t take my word for it. Well, do. Then try it. Then rejoice as the sweet, sweet Envai Shampoo and Conditioner wash over you like a warm Amazonian waterfall.



• Color Care, Color Preservation

• Plant based anti-aging ingredients

• Cleansing without stripping

• Moisturizing

• Free of parabens, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol

• Not tested on animals or Extra Terrestrials


• Hydrates without weighing hair down

• Rehydrates dry hair

• Anti-aging natural plant extracts

• Plant based color preserving system

• Protects against heat, detangles and adds shine

• Preserves natural keratin

• pH Balancing properties

• Moisture Retaining Technology

• Free of parabens, dyes, sulfates and propylene glycol

• Not tested on animals, crustaceans or sea life at large

Truly a product you can be proud of and use to share and build your business!

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2015 Cruise Promotion!


Recent Blockbuster hits encapsulate the majesty and brilliance of the world’s oceans.

Unbroken, Lost and Castaway display just how mysterious, wondrous and beautiful the open sea can be.

This year, Avisae wanted to recognize those leaders who are building their businesses and seeing the fruits of their labors in terms of both growth and productivity with a luxurious high seas adventure!

Last year, the whole gang went to Cancun where they relaxed on the beach and left their cares 100s of miles away.

Only to be outdone by ourselves, 2015 overachievers will enjoy a Cruise fit for royalty!

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REGIONALS- Good Things Come in 3s

January 10th 2015 marked the beginning of the Winter Regionals held in Provo, UT.

Many have found that with each new gathering, the production, speakers and presentations have become increasingly wonderful.  The trainings, insight and speakers have taken their ability to motivate and inspire to the next level.

Many considered this Regional their “favorite so far” and anxiously await May’s conference.

Loyal IBOs have again displayed their unwavering commitment to success, displayed by their willingness to travel upwards of 15 hours, many times, at great personal sacrifice.

Yet, there weren’t complaints, but rather an excitement and an energy that is impossible to describe.  Tears, hugs, laughs and huge smiles were at a premium with the main sentiment being that May can’t come soon enough!!

“Bliss and Excitement”

From Regionals in Provo, UT, posted by Avisae on 1/13/2015 (54 items)

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Clean and Lean in 2015

Get Clean and Lean#cleanandleanin2015

Avisae has created a dietary regimen that rivals the simplicity of a sock and the sophistication of a Lexus Christmas commercial.

The idea behind this year’s challenge is two-fold:

  1. To get healthier
  2. To create positive habits.

If we focus just on weight loss, we lose sight of the ultimate goal; which generally speaking, is about getting to a point where your body functions optimally.  I got sick once and lost 24lbs in 5 days. Well, I looked thinner, but I was wildly unhealthy. So basing a winner according to how they temporarily starve defeats the purpose of becoming healthier.

Clean and Lean in 2015

Our aim was to focus on positive markers and reward those who engage healthy behaviors. Weight loss is often a bi-product of healthy eating and exercise and can indicate progress.

Click Here to Download the PDF

So we’d encourage you to weigh yourself on day 1. Write it down. Take a before picture from a few angles. Weigh yourself every couple of weeks and take another picture until the contest has run its course.

Take the time to look over the day’s requirements. It’s not difficult. It’s not filled with unrealistic diet madness. Clean and Lean emphasizes what you can do to begin the process of habitually taking healthy supplements and eating properly.

Clean and Lean is designed to be duplicateable so that you can challenge each other within your groups. Hold each other accountable, uplift and inspire each other to become more.

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season

To Our Remarkable Avisae IBO Family,

Happy Holidays!!  On behalf of the entire Avisae Corporate Family, we want to express our Holiday Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings to each of you and yours as we conclude a very successful and full year with Avisae and the Blue Ocean Business Group.  We congratulate each of you for the remarkable contribution you each continue to make in helping to create a company and opportunity for the ages!  Although 2014 has been an outstanding year, we can’t begin to tell you how optimistic and enthused we are about the prospects of 2015!  It is going to be a phenomenal year with exciting events, new products, and very healthy and sustained growth!

We at Avisae couldn’t be more optimistic and confident about the future!  In particular, it is the relationship we enjoy with the finest collection of IBOs ever to be assembled that will ensure our continued success.  Thank you, for being who you are – men and women of decency, integrity, and exceptional professionalism!  We are so proud to be associated with each of you and to learn daily of your sacrifices, commitment, enthusiasm, and perseverance!  Wow!  You are absolutely amazing – and we can’t thank you enough!

We have plenty planned for the New Year – 2015.  So – HAPPY NEW YEAR – and let’s make it a year to be remembered!

May you be safe through the holiday season, and may you cherish and enjoy time with those who mean the most to each of you – your family and friends.

So, to all of you, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

Brooks Yates                                      R. Brent Ririe

CEO & Founder                                 President & Founder


Give a Kiss and Wink for the Holidays!

My mother always told me it was better to give than to receive. I’ll never forgive her for that.

Nevertheless, contrary to what I think, this maternal wisdom seems to be prevalent this time of year. So, in dramatic fashion, I slammed my hands on the conference table and I fought tooth and nail to bring the masses an offer that my sage mother would endorse. Buy 2 Holiday Combo Gift Packs and Get 1 atLASH! FREE!!




I’ve always said that the greatest gift is not bought in a store. It’s not found in the highest mountains or in the deepest seas. It’s found online at www.avisae.com. For the holiday season, give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving: Full eyelashes and soft, juicy, plump lips! Everyone wins!

For a limited and glorious time, you can splurge on a couple gifts for loved ones and get atLASH! Eyelash serum….. Absolutely FREE!!!

Few things are as gratifying as giving a gift to those you hold near and dear to your heart and then holding your generosity over their heads as leverage for years to come.

“Do you remember last Christmas when I got you’re a Holiday Combo Gift Pack? Well, anyway, I’m installing sod this weekend….” (Sprinkler installation, moving, ride to/from the airport etc.). You’ll find they will gladly help!

“What can I do with a FREE atLASH?” You might ask. Well, I consulted with the professionals and GOOGLE came back with the following.

  1. Use atLASH! yourself.
  2. Use atLASH! as a tool to spread the good news about atLASH!
  3. Give atLASH! to a loved one.
  4. Sell it to someone you love.
  5. Give it to someone that you want to have fall in love with you.
  6. Have a loved one apply atLASH! for you.
  7. Have someone you love apply atLASH! on themselves and then on you.

I think there is a trend here. I don’t know what it is, but I believe that when you are in the gentle embrace of an overwhelmed Gift Pack recipient, your once cold, black heart will rejoice and you too will remember the priceless, timeless, patent pending, insight of my sweet mother.

REFINE Advanced Eye Treatment Cream has your eye sockets covered.

Do you have eyes, or do eyes have you?

We’ve all seen them. Located 1/2 the way down the face; they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some require glasses; some need contacts, some see straight, while others wander independently. Still other eyes work poorly and squint; some are sharp and can spot whales several leagues in the distance.  The variety and vast dynamics of the eyes splendor cannot be overstated.

So what have you done for your eyes lately? They come encased in a delicate, thin skin what many describe as “the area around the eyeball.” Anyway, not to get overly scientific, the point here is that the eyes in their shiftiness and squinting make the skin that surrounds them wrinkly and aged.  To add to the mayhem, all too often, we tragically get dark circles and puffiness under our eyes as well.

In turn, these dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles hurt our self-esteem and make us feel old and unattractive. If they didn’t before, after reading this, they will.

Which brings me to my next point: Your newly devastated self-esteem can be reestablished and better than before thanks to REFINE Advanced Eye Treatment Cream!!!

Don’t give up on your eyes! They just need a little Tender Loving Care!!! Refine is specially formulated to entice the eye sockets to shine, rehydrate, strengthen and smooth!

Refine Bottle

Refine Advanced Eye Treatment

See the world with new eyes. refine’s advanced eye treatment alters the appearance of your skin as it enhances the genetic makeup of the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

  • Reduces eye discoloration
  • Smoothes out crow’s feet
  • Strengthens skin structures
  • Reinforces firmness and tone of the eye area
  • Provides 24 hours of skin hydration with one application
  • Significantly reduces fine lines in hours

reflexsyons™ science held within refine restores and replenishes moisture, reduces puffiness, fades dark circles and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use both morning and night.

“The eyes are an energy efficient window to the brain and should therefore be tax deductible.” Protect your investments.

Daily Indulge Meal Replacement

Science tells us that people consistently do the same few things when they awake. Without going into gruesome, offensive detail, one of the to-dos is eating breakfast. Later, most will then eat lunch, and later still; dinner.

Unfortunately for human beings there are foods like sugary cereal or lunch foods that have been violently condensed into patty or sausage form. Now, I’m not a rocket scientist (though the nutritional insights of a rocket scientist might be worthless) but these delicious patties and breakfast foods compiled of whatnot with a side of whathaveyou generally lack the nutritional values necessary to keep you healthy. Au contraire, many contain ingredients that are BAD for you! Admittedly, they can be delicious by Goerge!

Well, imagine a world, a world that has a healthy AND delicious option for breakfast! Also, a world where the author of this blog is 6’2. What a world!


Imagine no more. Daily Indulge meal replacement was delivered by a stork and left on the doorstep of Avisae to be kept in good keeping. In turn, we wanted to give to the world the greatest gift that one person can bestow upon another- love. How? By making Daily Indulge available to the masses.




We all enjoy our Trix, Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But what do these all have in common? Yes, they’re all delicious. More depressingly however, they offer our delicate and needy bodies almost nothing nutritionally. We send off our loved ones to school and work ill prepared to faces the wiles of the day. Starving their muscles, joints and brain of important and vital essentials! For the love of humanity, drink Daily Indulge! It’s delicious! But more importantly, it’s chalked full of life giving nutritional components that the body needs!

It’s a wonderful meal unto itself. Here’s what’s inside:







Each healthy component in Daily Indulge helps to satisfy, offer sufficient nutrition and ensure your body absorbs and ultimately rejoices and is edified. Replace delicious nonsense with delicious greatness; Daily Indulge.

REDUCE is a 6 Letter Word

When you hear someone say REDUCE, science tells us you automatically think of one of the following:

  1. Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me”
  2. Car Emissions
  3. Your “Honey-Do” List
  4. Nuclear Proliferation
  5. Taxes

If you thought outside of these 5 suggestions, than you are above average in intelligence and should be sitting on a porch somewhere, sipping lemonade in a rocking chair and thanklessly imparting snippets of wisdom to impressionable youths who simply think you’re just a has-been and a grump.

New-Reduce-RGB-reflectionThe alternative to is to take your special brain and look over the contents of REDUCE by OptimAll Nutrition.

Like most people, you’ll read the tagline first “Optimal Weight Loss Formula.”

That’s a good start. Get your gray matter warm so as to not overheat it when you delve into the Supplement Facts which include, but are not limited to:

                                                                MetaBIOlize and Thermosaf.

These 2 proprietary formulas contain metabolism friendly formulations aimed at REDUCING unwanted lbs. and help you achieve related wellness goals. What are your health goals? Have you thought about them? Well if you haven’t, now is the time.  Consult someone in the know as you set such goals.

In the meantime, as you look over the ingredient deck, you might be intrigued, even flabbergasted to find these 7 wondrous inclusions:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Hydroxycitric Acid
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • L-theanine
  • Theobromine
  • Potato Protein Extract

It’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for OptimAll Nutrition, REDUCE and the scientists that compiled such greatness into one place.  But we assure you, we are the ones who rejoice as we see countless testimonials that come our way as you take REDUCE and see unbelievable results.

MetaBIOlize promotes a more efficient metabolism of fats and carbs and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Thermosaf supports thermogenesis for a more efficient use of calories while it also helps appease appetite!

Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before a meal thrice daily for best results.

Don’t let your cognitive superiority go to waste. Make haste as you experiment with REDUCE and see how it can continue to make you awesome, if not- dare I say it- awesomer.

Cancun Conquest: An Unforgettable Adventure In Paradise!


The fruits of hard work are often manifested in stronger character, a greater work ethic, financial progress and fulfillment.  That’s good and fine and everything, but for those who qualified for the inaugural promotional trip to Cancun, all the blood, sweat and tears translated into several days of endless buffets, relaxing in the sun and hours on the soft sand of Cancun’s finest beaches!

Representing Avisae in beautiful Mexico were those who had diligently showed the plan, shared the opportunity with anyone within the sound of their voice and those who lead by their industrious examples.  The Avisae Beach Club attendees found Cancun to be the perfect respite from the travails of the everyday life, if not but for a week!

The sights, views and accommodations were among the finest the world has to offer. Temperatures lingering around 85 with a gentle, forgiving breeze were the daily standard.  Unparalleled foods of all variety and styles were a finger’s snap away.  Daily cares gently washed away like the comforting tide of the Caribbean Sea. Truly, it was a perfect time to adventure, laugh, dance, swim and relax.

Here are some highlights from a fantastic week in Cancun!

Everyone met briefly to get some company swag, to make sure nobody had been left behind and to wish everyone a tranquil escape for the rest of the week!

Shrimp can fly? The food was amazing certainly as Brent helped the chef toss and turn out some incredible cuisine!

Japanese Restaurant 2014








Some of the group decided to visit Chechen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

2014 Chichen Itza and Tulum








Several of the curious adventurers went cave snorkeling and had the time of their lives!

2014 Cancun Cave Snorkeling






For those with a strong constitution, zip lines were a must! Some had fun simply trying to figure out how the zip line even worked!  “You’re getting close Curtis!”







Aquatic activities included para-sailing in the Caribbean Sea! Overcoming fears of sharks, water and heights all in one!


Perhaps the greatest benefit of these awesome trips is the opportunity for each of us to become better acquainted with one another and to further establish relationships that will endure for many years to come.

We hope this can inspire all of us in propelling and achieving the next level of success!

All in all, it was a rejuvenating and rewarding experience enjoyed among friends and family. This is just the first of many incentive trips to come!

We know that the more, the merrier, so our hope is that everyone will experience unbridled success in the upcoming year and will qualify to join us on our next thrilling adventure!